Cezanne was a truly prolific artist, created hundreds of drawings and paintings during his own lifetime. There is, therefore, plenty of choice from across his career. There is also variety, with the Frenchman tackling portraiture, still life and landscape scenes most frequently. His style produced a modern form of romanticism, in a way, delivering French life through his own eyes. He was also interested in other artists of that time and would sometimes incorporate ideas from their work in his own.

Blurred lines, giving an almost dream-like finish to objects in a similar way to El Greco was one of the signatures of a typical Cezanne painting. He also had a specific pallette of colours which persisted through out most of his work. Some of his most famous paintings, and most reproduced, include The Card Players, Mont Sainte-Victoire, The Large Bathers and Still Life with Apples. He experimented with different arrangements of fruit in a number of still life works and also created many depictions of his preferred region of France, from a variety of angles and view points.

The relative simplicity of this style of art is suited most to a simple frame, nothing extravagent like you might find with a Renaissance painting, for example. A wooden or metallic finish is best, probably in just a single colour so that the artwork can claim all of the focus. Some prefer a small card that sits between the frame and print to add additional contrast. Much of your decision will be influenced by the home in which you live and what would best suit it. The impressionists sit somewhere in the middle of modern art and traditional art, meaning they can work in most home styles.

Followers of impressionism, as well as some of the artists who worked on the fringes of this famous art movement, may also be interested in several painters related to Cezanne. Monet prints are, of course, particularly popular but you may also be worth checking out the prints by Degas, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec and Caillebotte. They all bring their own individual approaches to this overall movement. Amongst this group you will find some of the most impressive figurative paintings of all time as well as a plethora of landscape paintings and city-based work.