Cezanne's career left a legacy which impacted so many future artists - his influence cannot be overstated. This section features some of the highlights from his career and summarises some of the common themes in his work - from still life works, to portraits of his wife and finishing with landscape paintings of the French countryside. An obvious comparison can be made between his landscape paintings and those of the impressionists whose careers had preceded Cezanne's. The likes of Monet enticed the artist into this genre through their own achievemnents several generations earlier.

The still life paintings created by Cezanne were an attempt to practice and fine tune his technical skills. There was also an element of experimentation as Monet had sought in his series of Haystacks. The influence of this expressionist artist can be found in elements of Cubism plus several other new art movements which began in the early to mid 20th century. A further aspect to Cezanne's success was an ability to produce an atmosphere within his artwork, communicating a strong feeling of France to the viewer.